Pinterest Feed can significantly enrich a website’s content strategy and user engagement
Elevate Your Site With Pinterest Feed Integration
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Pinterest Feed
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Experience the intuitive and customizable
Pinterest Feed Widget, and transform your site today
Your website will never be the same again!
Check out a selection of examples to fully appreciate the coolness of Pinterest Feed
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Even more interaction with users → even more Pinterest followers → and less advertising budgets, as a nice bonus in your piggy bank
Real-Time Updates
Express your unique style. Choose from a variety of layouts, colors, fonts, and style. Everything you need. And even a little more
No Code, No Problem
Simple setup without the need for coding skills and compatible with various website platforms
Customer Success
Perfectly optimized for all devices, ensuring a smooth and engaging experience for your visitors, whether they are on desktop, tablet, or mobile
Pinterest Feed boost your website’s SEO. Regular updates with new content can boost search engine rankings
Versatile Customization
Align the design, layout, colors and fonts to your brand’s style. You’re an artist now. And it looks like it's time to show yourself
User Engagement
Boosted Engagement
Your site will buzz with activity, displaying the latest pins, ensuring your visitors always have something new to explore
Full Custom Design
Therefore, we regularly update the product. And our super-support team will always come to the rescue
Mobile Responsive
SEO Benefits
Keep your audience engaged with a constantly updated stream of content that encourages longer website visits and higher interaction
Settings for Pinterest Feed
of Pinterest Feed Widget
Discover the Seamless Way
Pinterest Feed brings a fresh wave of inspiration, showcasing a rich tapestry of ideas ranging from creative DIYs, fashion trends, to culinary delights
Pinterest Content Into Your Website
Real-Time Updates
Seamless Integration
Fully Customizable Design
Responsive Design
Superior Support
Very Soon
Add Source
Connect your Pinterest account and choose content you want to display, combine them by username, boards, pins, or any combination. You decide what your users will see
Three Steps
to Put Pinterest on Site
Configure Design
Be creative. Personalize with a wide range of options.
A lot of post formats. Padding, multiple color schemes, captions and more!
A large number of customizable options. Customize the widget to match your website’s design
Full moderation and individual design. Show imagination. Extensive widget personalization options are available to you. Adjust the title, margins, or image size, change the width of the view and the width of the thumbnails, or use custom CSS. It's up to you to choose
Pop-up Window. A mouse click on the image in the widget and the photos are revealed in full size, you can play the video directly on the site page
Variations of the elements of the post. Choose for yourself which of the elements of the posts you will reflect when you hover: date, location, user, comments, target action button, subscribe button, and so on
Publish Widget
No coding skills are required! To install the widget on the site, just copy the code and paste it on your site. Programming skills are not required
Try How It Works
and Make Sure It's That Easy
Work With Any CMS
and You Own Site of Course
Image Integration CMS
Only Two Tariff
to Figure It Out Simply
Pay annualy, save 20%
Monthly views
500 visits
1 website
1 widget
Priority support
Without our watermark
Monthly views
3 widget
Priority support
Without our watermark
Free plan does not have any options restrictions so you’ll get the idea of all the capabilities with a few clicks
Each time your website's visitor opens the page with the widget, the widget loads, and it counts as one view.
If you exceed this limit in month, your app will be temporarily deactivated.
The limit increases monthly and resets once a month
The number of feeds you can create in add
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Tariff Very Soon
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